What is Oil Well Completion

What is Oil Well Completion

Oil well completion is the process of creating holes in well casing and propping open fissures in reservoirs so the well can produce


The process of producing a well follows six broad stages


the well is drilled and the casing is set


the well is hydraulically fractured and the reservoir is enabled to produce oil and/or gas


all production equipment needed to flow the well is installed according to the P&ID, including tanks, separators, and interconnecting piping


the well is opened and the volatile early stage of production begins


the well normalizes and produces consistently as long as downhole pressure remains

Artificial Lift

after production, as the reservoir pressure decreases, producers may choose from a variety of artificial lift options


Wells are completed so producers can recover the resources from the reservoir they have drilled

Before it’s completed, an oil well is not active. After a well has been drilled and the drilling crew sets casing down the well and cements it in. This is basically a piece of pipe plugged downhole

If it’s not completed, there is no way for the resources to get into the tubing and up the well


The process of well completion follows three basic steps

When it’s time for completion, the completion crew bores holes in the casing to allow the resources in the reservoir to flow into the wellbore and up to the surface

To execute the process of hydraulic fracturing (aka “fracking”), a wireline crew uses a wireline truck to run a piece of pipe connected to perforation guns downhole

They measure where the “perf guns” are in the well bore. These guns have a shaped charge that is lined up in the pipe so they can create holes through the casing and into the formation itself

They guns go off in stages, bottom to top. Then, the crew uses the wireline truck to pull the perf guns back out

Finally, the completion crew rigs up pumping equipment and begins to pump a mixture of water, sand and a sand-like material called proppant into the well. This  props open the fractures in the reservoir so the oil and gas can flow up to the surface and flowback can begin


While drilling a well can take roughly one month, the completion process is much faster. An average completion schedule for a horizontal well is ten days


An exploration and production or “E&P” company owns the land. Their geologists will have identified the reservoir they want to drill

Then they hire a drilling company to drill the well

Once that’s complete, the E&P company will typically contract out a well completion company to do the completion and get the well ready for production

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