Contracting technical expertise

Contracting technical expertise for Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company involves bringing in skilled workers, technicians, professionals, and experts from abroad to fulfil specific roles and tasks essential for the success of complex oil and gas projects

Drilling Specialists: These experts possess in-depth knowledge and experience in various drilling techniques, such as rotary drilling, directional drilling, and well bore optimisation. They oversee drilling operations, manage drilling parameters, and troubleshoot drilling challenges to ensure efficient and safe well construction

Reservoir Engineers: Reservoir engineers are responsible for evaluating subsurface reservoirs, estimating hydrocarbon reserves, and designing optimal production strategies. Their expertise helps maximise reservoir recovery and optimise production rates through techniques like reservoir simulation and enhanced oil recovery methods

Petroleum Geologists: Petroleum geologists analyse geological data to identify potential hydrocarbon-bearing formations and recommend optimal well locations. They utilise seismic data interpretation, well log analysis, and geological mapping techniques to assess reservoir characteristics and mitigate exploration risks

Production Engineers: Production engineers focus on maximising hydrocarbon production from existing wells by optimising artificial lift systems, well stimulation techniques, and production surveillance strategies. They monitor well performance, diagnose production problems, and implement production enhancement initiatives to optimise reservoir drainage and increase recovery rates

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Specialists: HSE specialists ensure compliance with industry regulations and best practices regarding occupational health, safety, and environmental protection. They develop and implement HSE management systems, conduct risk assessments, and provide training to promote a culture of safety and environmental stewardship among workforce

Well Control Experts: Well control experts are vital for managing well control incidents and preventing blowouts during drilling and production operations. They develop well control procedures, conduct blowout prevention drills, and provide training to rig crews on well control techniques and equipment operation

Emergency Response Teams: These teams consist of trained personnel equipped with specialised tools and equipment to respond effectively to emergencies such as well control incidents, fires, and spills. They undergo regular training and drills to ensure readiness to handle emergencies and minimise risks to personnel and the environment

By contracting technical expertise from abroad, Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company gains access to specialised knowledge and capabilities essential for executing complex oil and gas projects efficiently and safely