Purchasing, Supplying, and Renting Rigs

Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company engages in various strategies regarding rigs, including purchasing, supplying, and renting, to meet the diverse requirements of its projects

Purchasing Rigs: The company may acquire rigs outright through direct purchase transactions. These rigs could include various types such as land rigs, offshore rigs, and mobile drilling units. Purchasing rigs provides the company with ownership and full control over the equipment, allowing for long-term planning and customisation to suit specific project needs

Supplying Rigs: In some cases, Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company may act as a supplier of rigs to other oil and gas companies or contractors. This involves providing rigs on a contractual basis, either through sale or lease agreements, to support drilling operations conducted by third parties. Supplying rigs allows the company to generate additional revenue streams and optimise the utilisation of its rig fleet

Renting Rigs: Renting rigs offers flexibility in resource allocation, allowing the company to access drilling equipment on a temporary basis as needed for specific projects. Rental agreements may involve short-term or long-term leases, depending on project duration and requirements. By renting rigs, Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company can avoid the upfront capital costs associated with purchasing while maintaining operational flexibility

By adopting a flexible approach to rig acquisition, Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company can effectively optimize its resource utilization, minimize costs, and adapt to changing market conditions and project requirements in the oil and gas industry