The objectives and activities of Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company include

Importing Drilling Rigs

This involves procuring both onshore and offshore drilling rigs essential for exploration and extraction activities. These rigs are crucial for accessing and extracting oil and gas resources from wells efficiently

Maintaining and Equipping Oil Facilities

This encompasses the upkeep and enhancement of various oil facilities, including fields, collection tanks, and pipelines. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance and safety of these crucial infrastructures

Providing Technical Support

Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company offers specialized technical labor, machinery, and equipment to support drilling, extraction, and maintenance operations. This support ensures that projects are executed effectively and according to industry standards

Supervisory and Advisory Services

Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company provides expert guidance and consultation on oil projects including exploration and excavation. This includes advising on technical aspects, regulatory compliance, and project management to ensure successful outcomes

Participation in Tenders and Auctions

The company actively engages in bidding processes for contracts related to its activities. This involves submitting competitive bids and proposals to secure projects from both public and private entities

Importing Operating Requirements

Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company imports various operational necessities, including materials machinery, equipment, spare parts, and transportation means. These items are essential for smooth and uninterrupted operations in the field

Contracting Technical Expertise

The company contracts skilled workers, technicians, professionals, and experts from abroad as needed. This ensures access to specialized knowledge and capabilities required for complex oil and gas projects

Ownership and Rental of Real Estate

Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company acquires or rents properties such as storage spaces, workshops, factories, and movable assets necessary for its activities. These facilities serve as operational base s for conducting business activities

Borrowing and Obtaining Facilities

The company accesses necessary financing and facilities from banks and financial institutions operating in Libya. This provides the financial resources required to fund its operations and growth initiatives

Purchasing, Supplying, and Renting Rigs

In addition to importing rigs, Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company engages in purchasing, supplying, and renting rigs as needed for various projects. This flexibility allows for efficient resource allocation based on project requirements

Collaboration and Expansion

Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company seeks collaboration opportunities with similar businesses or entities both domestically and internationally. This may include partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, or annexations to enhance its capabilities and market reach

These detailed activities highlight the comprehensive approach of Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company in achieving its objectives within the oil and gas industry while adhering to scientific and technical standards