Ownership and Rental of Real Estate

Ownership and rental of real estate for Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company involves acquiring or leasing various properties and facilities essential for its operations, including

Storage Spaces: These are facilities used for storing equipment, materials, and supplies required for drilling operations. They may include warehouses, yards, or storage tanks for storing bulk materials such as drilling mud, cement, and equipment components

Workshops: Workshops are essential for performing maintenance, repair, and fabrication tasks on drilling equipment and machinery. They are equipped with tools, machinery, and specialised equipment for conducting mechanical, electrical, and welding work to ensure the reliability and functionality of drilling assets

. Factories: Factories may be utilised for manufacturing specialised equipment and components required for drilling operations. These facilities may include machine shops, fabrication yards, or manufacturing plants for producing items such as drilling rig components, wellhead equipment, and casing

Movable Assets: In addition to fixed properties, Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company may also acquire or lease movable assets such as drilling rigs, work over rigs, and mobile drilling units. These assets are deployed to various drilling locations as needed to conduct drilling and production activities

By acquiring or renting real estate properties and facilities, Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company establishes operational bases strategically located near drilling sites to support its business activities efficiently and effectively