Surface and Directional Well Drilling Services

At Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company, our drilling services encompass both surface and directional well drilling techniques.

Surface drilling involves drilling a well vertically from the surface down to the target reservoir.

This method is commonly used in conventional oil and gas fields where the reservoir is relatively close to the surface

Directional drilling, on the other hand, allows us to reach reservoirs that are located beneath obstacles such as mountains, bodies of water, or urban areas. This technique involves drilling at an angle from the surface to reach the target reservoir. By using specialized equipment such as steerable drilling tools and measurement-while-drilling (MWD) systems, we can precisely control the direction and trajectory of the wellbore

Both surface and directional drilling techniques are crucial for accessing oil and gas reservoirs in various geological formations and conditions. Surface drilling is typically used in conventional fields with straightforward geology, while directional drilling is employed in more complex reservoirs where the straight-line path is not feasible or practical

Our expertise in both surface and directional drilling allows us to efficiently access oil and gas reserves in diverse geological settings, maximizing production potential while minimizing operational challenges

With a commitment to excellence, safety, and environmental responsibility, Mediterranean Gold Company is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and superior services that drive success and sustainability in the oil and gas industry