Equipment and Tool Rental

Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company offers a comprehensive range of petroleum equipment and tools for rent, specifically designed for use in oil and gas exploration and production. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the types of petroleum equipment available for rental

Drilling Rigs
Our company provides various types of drilling rigs suitable for different drilling operations, including

Onshore drilling rigs
Designed for drilling operations conducted on land

Offshore drilling rigs
Tailored for drilling in marine environments, including jack-up rigs, semi-submersible rigs, and drill ships

We offer a variety of pumps essential for oil and gas operations, such as Centrifugal pumps: Used for fluid transfer and circulation during drilling and production
Submersible pumps: Ideal for pumping fluids from wells, especially in down hole applications
Mud pumps:Critical for circulating drilling mud during drilling operations to maintain well stability and lubrication

Auxiliary Tools
Our inventory includes a range of auxiliary tools required for down hole operations, including
Down hole tools: Such as drill bits, casing, and tubing, essential for drilling and completing wells
Measurement while drilling (MWD) tools: Used for real-time monitoring and data collection during drilling operations
Logging tools: Including wire line and logging-while-drilling (LWD) tools for evaluating subsurface formations and well integrity

Well Control Equipment
We provide equipment necessary for well control and safety, including blowout presenters (BOPs), choke manifolds, and pressure control systems

Surface Equipment
Our rental offerings also include surface equipment such as separators, tanks, and pipelines required for oil and gas processing and transportation

In addition to the previously mentioned equipment, Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company also offers the following petroleum equipment for rent

We provide generators tailored for oil and gas operations to ensure continuous power supply at drilling sites and remote locations. These generators are robust and reliable, capable of powering various equipment and machinery on-site

Our rental fleet includes a range of vehicles suitable for transportation and logistics in the oil and gas industry. This includes trucks, SUVs, and specialised vehicles equipped for off-road travel to access remote drilling sites and facilities

Petroleum Transportation Tanks
We offer a selection of petroleum transportation tanks designed to safely transport crude oil, refined products, and other fluids. These tanks comply with industry standards and regulations to ensure the secure and efficient transportation of petroleum products

Other Equipment
Additionally, our inventory may include a variety of other equipment and tools necessary for oil and gas exploration and production, such as compressors, heaters, storage containers, and safety gear

Mediterranean Gold Drilling Company ensures that all rented equipment is maintained to the highest standards to optimize performance and reliability during oil and gas operations. Our diverse inventory and commitment to quality make us a trusted partner for companies involved in petroleum exploration and production