up to 5000 grafts in one                        session


       People with hair loss problems now have a good chance to get great hair with the new DHI technique, which is performed using a special pen (Choi Pen). In connection with this following questions arises:

Will hair taken from the donor area grow again?

Hair starts to grow again, after a certain time.

Do I need to cut my hair short before the procedure?

The need to cut short hair completely disappears, it all depends on your desire, especially for women.

Is this procedure painful?

The procedure is absolutely painless, takes place under local anesthesia and is completed in a short time.

What is the advantage of transplanting with a pen (Choi Pen)?

Follicles are protected from damage, because within a few seconds they are transplanted from their native environment into a similar environment. It does not leave marks or scars on the skin. It is a device very similar to a pen with a hollow inside needle less than 1 mm in diameter. It was created to simplify the work of the doctor by moving the follicle from the donor area to the receiving area. With this method, hair grows in a natural direction. If you have any questions, you can contact our consultant by phone or email.